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Writer's Block: Bottoms up!

How do you usually spend New Years Eve? Do you like big parties, small celebrations with friends, or do you prefer to hang out by yourself? Is New Years a time of reflection for you?

On New Year's Eve, we stay home.  Boring, I know.  I don't want to be on the road with a bunch of drunks, so we hole up on the couch and eat shrimp cocktail (required) and watch the ball drop in NYC and count down to the New Year with two glasses of champagne and a kiss.  Then we call the family and yell "Happy New Year!"  over speaker phone.

Usually, during the day we review last years' goals and discuss new ones for the upcoming year: personal, financial and family.  Then, I quickly read to finish the last book(s) of the year.

I think I might like to go out on NYE, I just never have.  Not even when I was growing up.  I don't miss it and I think I would probably be annoyed by a big crowd of people but I guess I should try it at least once.  If I were to go anywhere, I think  I'd prefer a small celebration with family or friends.  However, since we've gotten our dogs we would probably decline since one of them has seizures whenever there are a bunch of fireworks going off.  For the last three New Year's Eves, at some point during the night, we've sat on the floor and gotten Wanda through it and then clean up  the drool and/or whatever else she's lost control over.  We'll do it again on Thursday.  New Year's and Forth of July are really exciting days at my house; but she's our "kid" so that's just what you do.