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Been away awhile...

My entrance into the Facebook community has taken me away from blogging anything.  I thought it was about time to get back to this...

Yea for bullet points:

*  I bought myself a laptop.  I love it and can't believe we were a one computer family for as long as we were.

*  Work is crazy with ups and downs.  I have no idea if I will have a job in six months but I'm sticking with it for the time being.  Biotech is always a little risky but sometimes it feels more risky than I like which is causing me to think and evaluate my options.

*  We almost have one complete month of emergency money saved, so that is making me very happy and a *little* more secure.

* I've been selling some stuff on eBay this week to get rid of some things around the house.  Things sure don't sell as well as they used to, do they?

* Been doing a lot of home improvement lately:  new blinds throughout the house, new windows and doors (taking advantage of the tax rebate and it will make the house so much warmer in the winter), and we removed the carpet in our 2nd room revealing a very nice wood floor.  The floor could stand being refinished but it's not that bad.

* Finally, the thing that it taking up the most of my free time lately - JAM!  I have over 100 jars of jam put up in my house right now.  I brought some of my very best flavor to a meeting with some croissants one night and I've been invited to sell it at multiple craft fairs around the area (Castro Valley).  I do about 3-5 batches a week so I've got jam all over the house.  People at work have been buying off of me at my cost so this will be the first time I try to actually turn a profit.  I hope it sells because 100+ jars is a LOT!  I've been developing some of my own flavors, too, so my confidence is growing.
Flavors so far: 
Mango Raspberry
Cherry Amaretto
Strawberry Nectarine
Rhubarb Orange
Blackberry - from my own bushes
Blackberry Chambord
Peach Rum with Gosling's Black Seal (more of a sauce than a jam)
Vanilla Bourbon Peach - the far and away favorite of everyone
Orange Fig with Grand Marnier
Cardamom Plum

To do this week:
Strawberry & Stemilt Apricot (they are beautiful, little, blushed apricots)
Balsamic Strawberry (which I can't wait to eat with ricotta or vanilla marscapone on an english muffin!!)

Next week:
Pear & Anise - from my own tree!!
Vanilla Pear
Apple butter
Carmel Apple butter
Spiced Carmel Pear butter
whatever other fresh fruit I find

*In addition to jams, I've been putting up pickles with my favorite being dilly beans.   They are dill pickled green beans and I had NO idea they would be SO good.  I'd never heard of them before and someone mentioned them at work... they are awesome.  I've been eating them over salads and find that I don't need any dressing because the flavor of the beans is plenty.  I've done some bread and butter pickles which are quite good and some kosher dills that I don't like too much but Lenny does.  I've also got a dozen jars of sauerkraut that I fermented myself.  Fermenting food is a little unnerving but no one has gotten sick yet, so that's good.

*I also came into some tomatoes today, so I guess I'll be canning those this week too.

*Home canning - it's a sickness.

*Lenny continues to travel for work far more than I like.  He's home one week out of every 6 and I'm getting tired of it.  Done, not going to bitch about it right now.

* We are taking a vacation to DC in early October for my cousin's wedding.  Our big plans were supposed to include NYC but since he's never home we decided on taking one week in DC and one week at home.  NYC will come soon, but not as soon as we'd hoped.

Well, that's enough, I guess.  Good night, LJ - I'll try not to be so absent....