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 A thought provoking questionnaire this week!  I'm going to have to seriously consider the answers.  Anyone have thoughts on what they would do?

1. If you were to have a scholarship created in your honor, what qualities would you look for in applicants (leadership, service, GPA, etc.)?
2. Who would be eligible to apply for your scholarship (members of a certain major, ethnic group, sexuality, etc.)?
3. Would it be need-based or not? Why?
4. What would you call it?
5. If you made applicants write an essay, what would the topic be?

ETA- I can't believe I spelled questionnaire right on the first try! 

BBC Book Meme - my turn!

Swipped from dagnabit .  Looks like I've still got some reading to do!!

1) Look at the list and put an 'x' after those you have read.
2) Add a '+' to the ones you LOVE.
3) Star (*) those you plan on reading.
4) Tally your total at the bottom.

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Water Heater -- Poof!

Friday I came home to a kitchen full of soaked towels because our water heater decided to burst.  (Yes, my water heater is in the house, in my kitchen.  Silly, I know but it's an old house.)  We wanted to re-locate it anyway but were hoping to do it on our schedule.  

We've been without hot water since then, but it hasn't been too bad since we saw family all weekend ( free showers) and our gym has private facilities.  The only thing that is suffering are the dishes but that's livable.  Eventually, I'll boil some water and get those cleared out too.

I was able to stay home from work during the day and wait for plumbers and estimates so that's what I did today.  (I'm working now in order to get some data done by the end of the week - waiting for plates to come off machines = time to ramble about my day.)

Our broken heater is electric, tabletop and right next to the W/D.  It just doesn't make any sense.  It looks like a big white box in the middle of the kitchen.  We also found out today that it's 18 years old.  We asked for estimates for gas, cylinder heater,relocated to a pantry closet and gas, tankless heater,  located outside.  Would you believe the tankless estimates are cheaper????  I never thought that would happen.  We're still looking a about $3000 but that still beats $3500 for an indoor one that would cause me to lose a pantry until we can get the kitchen remodeled. (Oh happy day, how you elude me!) 

You might ask why we are going with gas instead of just using the electric outlet... well, our choices were to update the electric box from 20 to 40 amps or plumb for gas.  I vote plumb for gas. 

Anyone out there have a tankless water heater?  I think that's what we're going to opt for.  It's cheaper and saves/adds some room in my already-small house.  However, I have heard mixed reviews. Anyone?

6 words

I'd heard about 6 word stories but I thought this might be a fun exercise: a six-word love story.

Mine is:

Ten years later, we're like newlyweds.

What's yours?

Friday Five

1. What would you do right now, if money were not an issue? Travel- Japan, Antarctica, Europe, Africa

2. What would you do for the next three years, if money were not an issue? - That's a toss up between traveling or starting a business of my own. Depends on if money would never be an issue or if for three years only money would not be an issue.  If I have three years with no trouble getting and using money, then I would start a real estate empire, make all kinds of money then use that to travel or go back to school.  If money would never be an issue for me again, I would travel, travel, travel.

3. What is bringing you the most joy right now that requires little or no money? Reading, watching my dogs run around, being with my niece and nephew, planning and dreaming big.

4. What types of things do you find enjoyable that require no money? Reading, taking a walk, goofing off with Lenny, playing games, looking at old pictures, writing, scrapbooking or cooking (because I have all the stuff I need, so it's essentially free now), offering solicited or unsolicited advice, making to-do lists

5. Is there anything you've been meaning to do for a long time, but put off because of money?
Buying some more property, going to school again, adopting some kids (which also has a different set of problems, but it is quite expensive.)

I've done something incredibly stupid

I signed up for the Camp Pendleton Mud Race.  I have been thinking about it for a while and a friend sign up our team over our holiday break.  Basically, it's a 10K run with obstacles at the Marine base down in the San Diego area.  The climbing wall was causing me the most anxiety, then I found out there are two.  Now that I'm looking over the course, I'm nervous about the tunnels and the steeple jumps.  Essentially, I'm fairly conviced that I can't get over the 2' steeples and that I'll get my fat ass stuck in the tunnel and embarass the hell out of myself.

I plan on training for the run but, as of right now, I'm having some serious doubts.

Will post any pictures, including those involving a chain saw to get me out of the tunnel.

Grossed out at the Pizza Hut

Lenny and I went to the Hut the other night for some a salad.  (I happen to love their creamy Italian dressing and I hate the pizza.)


At the booth across the way was a couple with a kid, I'd guess around 2-ish or younger.  The kid was eating the ketchup bottle top.   They eventually left and all I could think about was the next person coming in to use the ketchup and having kid-slobber and germs all over it.  Fucking gross.  Then I thought about all the people who used the bottle ahead of said child  and was grossed out even more. 


I believe I might be abstaining from condiments at restaurants from now on.

Books in Review - 2008 Edition

Well, I'm not going to make my goal of 12,000 pages read, but I did read more than last year.  I managed to get over 10K, so 85% of my goal isn't too bad.

Since, there is no need to read like crazy for the rest of the night, here's this year's accomplishment:

2008 Reading ListCollapse )
So I got sucked into Twilight.  I will blame it on the fact that I went to high school with Stephanie Meyer (nee Morgan).  I also was majorly sidetracked with reading and researching  financial books.  And since I'm making excuses here, I was a fool to think that I could get through War and Peace (which would have put me over 12k) in ten days.

Recommendations from this year include What it Takes, Fahrenheit 451, Sophie's Choice and The Tightwad Gazette. 

I'm in the middle of a number of books.  I got really distracted this year and  lost focus on "The List" but I'm not that worried about it.   I did manage to get 14 from the list read and at one point this year I hit 33.33% finished.  That was a decent milestone.

On my nightstand and currently reading:

War and Peace -Tolstoy
The Weekend Millionaire Mind-Set  -  Summey and Rodgers
The One-Minute Millionaire  - Allen and Hansend
The Frugal Duchess - Rosenberg
The Rainbow - DH Lawrence
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Shaffer and Barrows

Up next: Ender's Game  - I hear it's great.

I'm bumping up next year's goal to 15k pages read.  Even though I didn't meet the 12K from this year, with more focus I know I could have.


To be a part of this...

This is an amazing article about the last surviving, American WWI soldier and a high school class with a phenomenal teacher. I wish the papers were filled with more of these kinds of stories.   What a difference this teacher and experience will make in the kids' lives.

If you want to know who I am, here it is. This is me in a nutshell, minus the Betty Davis Eyes.

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